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br00tal Comedy

Ten Second Songs' Anthony Vincent is back with a new video just in time for Valentine's Day. He plays a little game here, where...


Oh come on. That riff isn't even fat - it's fucking obese.

Latest News

Helena Kotina, who played bass live with Nervosa in 2022.

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Black Lava, Circles, Euphrosyne, High Command, Melted Bodies, Thy Catafalque, and Protest the Hero's Rody Walker.

Live Footage

The September 8 performance was originally heavily, heavily truncated.


It's a staggering project shot in their homeland of Mongolia


Including some very deep cuts.


Getting a little meta with it.

Around the Interwebs

Do you even know who Rotting Christ is, bro? Let me see your metal face.


Unless you're into it.