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IF Hot Sauce


The New IN FLAMES Touch Of Red Hot Sauce Brings The Fiery Flavor And You Need To Try It Now

Spicy! Reviewer

I'm generally a bit skeptical when I see a band's logo make its way onto a household product. Although, it opens a viable revenue stream and exposure for the bands I love, the minutia that goes into this sort of production is anything but easy. There is a lot that can go wrong, and boundaries that need to be met when working outside your industry. The added pressure of subjective taste on a product you can consume, is that much harder to navigate for a public that's always ready to judge. 

The Gothenburg-metal giants that paved the way for melodeath to soar around the globe, are back with a new blistering album we've praised many times before, and in celebration of their hot new endeavors, they teamed up with Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. to whip up something special. 

The In Flames Touch of Red hot sauce is a play on Heartbeat's Red Habanero hot sauce, which has been reworked to include more bold flavors and peppers. As someone who prefers great tasting hot sauce with a little spike, it is nothing short of perfect! 

As I do with all new condiments, I dabbed a bit of Touch of Red on a plain wheat cracker to let the sauce do the talking. I was immediately embraced by a perfect blend of habanero pepper and sweet tang that mixes like an Andrew WK level party in your mouth. It packs some heat, but not unbearable, and never overshadowed by the taste like many other hot sauces of this kind. Twenty In Flames soaked crackers later, I knew I was going through it faster than Dale Earnhardt Jr. sets himself on fire, and I better try it on a few other things before I’m all out! 

From breakfast tacos, to avocado toast, from sandwiches to (vegan) chicken nuggets, I have poured the In Flames' Touch of Red on just about everything I can find in the kitchen. I’m stoked to say I have yet to find a dish that wasn’t enhanced by this bad boy. I’m so into the flavors, that I’ve literally emptied the bottle onto my food within seven quick days. A first for me personally. 

According to the website this is a small batch collaboration, but here’s hoping they keep it going, because I might be addicted at this point. At only $8.87 USD per bottle, you better hurry up and pick one up before I snatch them all myself! 

Check out the new In Flames album, Forgone, available everywhere now, and pick up the hot sauce on sale here

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