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Album Review: STATIQBLOOM Infinite Spectre

Posted by on July 29, 2018 at 9:45 am

In a world where synthwave dominates and there seems to be no shortage of nü-goth music it sometimes feels strange to find records in the dark electronic sphere that serve to subvert a lot of these themes. Infinite Spectre, the new EP from Brooklyn duo Statiqbloom, has a lot of metal elements while remaining distinctly industrial. The harsh vibes of these songs and the wonderfully bleak atmospheres painted by the duo only serve to show us paths into the bitter nothingness of existence.

While occasional dance elements wind their way into the overarching and overpowering sounds of Infinite Spectre, by and large, the stripped back compositions and frail arrangements force you to sink your teeth into the broken glass harmonies of an unforgiving world. Somehow though, Fade Kainer and Denman Anderson manage to craft something that will open your eyes and make you fall in love with the delectably twisted soundworlds they created. These guys are on a different level, and they know it. The swagger is part of the fun.

With a sound seemingly burgeoned by the blossoming Brooklyn electronic scene, these post industrialists refuse to pay heed to any sort of limitations, incorporating moments of harsh noise over top of Gost-worthy beats. They have horror elements to be sure, but the music is so much more visceral than their peers in a lot of the more Hammer Horror-oriented synthwave acts. Statiqbloom forces the listener to face a much more unfortunate reality and a sense of utter nihilism that can't help but fascinate.

I love finding bands who have the deep understanding of the human condition like Statiqbloom. Yet rather than focusing on how we might all move on together, they remind us that life is oftentimes just a race to the bottom. This is a record with a lot of interesting layers despite the simplicity of the arrangements. You find yourself picking through unique sonic landscapes, none of which fall into the bland and pretentious faff that so many modern electronic projects fall victim too.

The harsh delicacy of the beats and the forwardness of the rhythms bring to mind all manner of similar projects brooding around the world right now, and yet Statiqbloom proves with Infinite Spectre that they remain among the best. These Translation Loss signees have consistently pushed a unique vision, and this album is no exception. You can find your head bobbing along to groovy beats, but you can also tear at your eyes in the existential terror the band calls up.

They play on a variety of elements and invoke all sorts of strange emotions in the listener. With ethereal samples and a sense of inner torment that can't just be poo-pooed away, Statiqbloom is as real as it gets. This is demonic and over the top electronic music at its finest, forcing you to gaze into the void and to realize that in a dying word, perhaps industrial sounds are the only way to reflect the truth.

Overall: 8.5/10

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