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Quick Review: WOMB OF THE DESERT SUN Invocation: Our Dying Days

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It’s rare for a metal band to forsake the electric guitar—acts such as Horse Latitudes and Godheadsilo come to mind. The latter was a North Dakota two-piece active in the mid-’90s, whose album The Scientific Supercake absolutely bludgeoned the ears. Womb of the Desert Sun reincarnates that destructive bass-fueled energy on Invocation: Our Dying Days, a jagged, angry, sludgy thing courtesy of bassist Chris Grosso and drummer Mike Banfield.With a playing time of only 23 minutes, Invocation is a near-continuous onslaught of distorted bass and harsh vocals. “O Corpse To Be” rips you open with its fury, setting you up for the savagery to come. The violence on each track is relentless, and the lyrics range over topics from drug abuse (“Under a Funeral Moon”) to spirituality to skateboarding (“Vallely”). But there are moments of calm, if not restraint: introspective interludes, spoken word samples, and an acoustic outro (the instrumental track “Invocation”) that lets you go gently, as if toying with you after beating you savagely for twenty minutes.

Short and ugly Invocation may be, but well worth the listen, especially for fans who enjoy Womb of the Desert Sun's style of brutality. Give it a listen below. You can get a copy of Invocation: Our Daying Days in electronic format or CD on Amazon now.

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