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Quick Review: SOUL REMNANTS Black and Blood

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Not often does an unknown band blow you away. Boston’s Soul Remnants did just that with their forthcoming album, Black and Blood. And the fact that they’ve been a band for ten years makes their obscurity all the more amazing.From the opening salvo of “Chopwork II,” through the brutality of “Symptoms of Death,” to the slow and ominous pace of “Dead Black (Heart of Ice),” Black and Blood offers nine tracks of precise and tightly executed melodic death metal. But there’s more to Soul Remnants than that.

This band takes its death metal style and melds it with elements of thrash, black metal, even a touch of metalcore, to create something monstrous and powerful. The stylistic combination is well-balanced and never becomes stale or repetitive. There’s enough variety here to satisfy any death metal fan; if you jam out to Cannibal Corpse, Rivers of Nihil, or Suffocation, to name a few I can think of, then you’ll probably like Soul Remnants. This is an emerging band whose time is coming. Check them out.

Black and Blood will be available November 5 from Horror Pain Gore Death records.

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