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Quick Review: INTEGRITY Suicide Black Snake

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Before I start the rest of this review, let me share a little anecdote with you. I finally got to see Integrity live a few days ago up at the Webster Underground in Hartford, CT, with Overcast and Homewrecker. Aside from the fact that it was an awesome show (they opened with "Incarnate 365"!!!), I was impressed when I asked the female police officer there "Do they pay you extra to do these events?" and she responded with "Hell no! I sign up for these, I love Hardcore shows!" OK, I'm done, let's talk about Suicide Black Snake.

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There are many things which have always separated Integrity from other post-86' hardcore bands. Most obvious of these: Integrity is one of the few Hardcore bands who actually utilize the guitars by integrating memorable riffs and face-ripping solos into their tough, no-nonsense sound. While this has always been the case with them, on songs like "Beasts as Gods", "+Orrchida", the guitarists really let the fires burn, making this one of the most enjoyable listens of Integrity's long career. In fact, the riffs even start to approach a melodic feel on "Into the Light", adding some unexpected variation to the band's otherwise consistently grim approach. Dwid's vocals are of course as meaty and raspy as ever, and the subject matter is as dark and apocalyptic as any fan would hope. Integrity are still very much themselves here: dark, heavy, and angry: which is all they'll ever need to be.


Favorite Songs: "Suicide Black Snake", "Beasts as Gods", "+Orrchida", "Detonate VVorlds Plague"


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