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Quick Review: INSOMNIUM Ephemeral

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When the topic of quality melodic death metal is brought up in conversation (because we're all a little nerdy), Insomnium almost always come up. Everything the band has put out has been great, or at the very least a solid listen through. The Ephemeral EP, while short and sweet, is another great addition to their discography.

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Ephemeral kicks off with title track, which sounds like it could have been off something In Flames did way back in the days of Colony or Whoreacle, but refuses to keep up the heavy. Why? Because, as it appears as though it'll happen, Ephemeral is the only song on the EP that will be off their upcoming effort.

The rest of the tracks, "The Emergence," "The Swarm" and "The Descent" are a trio of acoustically driven songs that really showcase the band's knack for crafting melodies that'll stick in your head while maintaining a sense of minimalism about them. The three songs aren't much in terms of instrumentation; acoustic guitars and very little percussion, but they're a great addition and contrast to what Insomnium normally brings.

Pick the EP up, jam the living hell out of it, and get excited for their new record in 2014!

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