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Quick Review: AMERICAN SHARKS American Sharks

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Just in time for a supporting slot with fellow Austinites The Sword – having already toured with that band and Clutch – Texas power trio American Sharks unleash a to-the-point, 19-minute concentration of spirited boogie punk, sort of a cross between Supersuckers and Turbonegro, but with less of the boozy honky tonk vibes and biker imagery and 100% more tongue-in-cheek, drug-fueled Satanism.

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Songs like "Iron Lungs" and "Satan's Overture Pt. 1" show a band adept at crafting ass-shaking riffs while the EP length running time also demonstrates a thoughtful penchant for restraint. Not a single one of these songs exceeds the three-minute mark, although none of the veer off into anything heavier than a slightly sped up Fu Manchu would feel comfortable with.

American Sharks serves the thankless task of feeling like just the right amount while at the same time leaving you wanting more. This band is on the right track, they just need a frequent schedule of splits, 7"s, EPs – whatever – to keep their fan base occupied, especially if they intend to graduate to headliner status.

In the meantime, this self-titled debut (following a 7" whose A's and B's are reprised here) serves as a no bullshit introduction, even if it begins and ends faster than it takes most sweathogs to get through a tallboy.

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