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NECROPHAGIA Have A New Song For You, But That's About It

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Ohio's gore metal pioneers Necrophagia have a long, storied, and complicated career in the death metal underground. The band has existed in various incarnations for 30 years, and, at one point, featured Phil Anselmo (using the pseudonym Anton Crowley) as the band's guitarist.

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They've only produced 6 albums and a handful of EP's in that time, and the band's latest offering, White Worm Cathedral, was supposed to have been released for Halloween in 2012, but it keeps getting pushed back. Currently it's scheduled to be released by Season of Mist Records sometime in 2014. In an attempt to slake fans' thirst for new material, Necrophagia released a brand new song a few weeks ago that won't appear on White Worm Cathedral called "The Wicked."

Necrophagia droppped "The Wicked" in time for Halloween this year, but there was very little fanfare involved. A quick blurb from Season of Mist and a posting on the band's Facebook was about the extent of the press the song got. The lack of ballyhoo is not surprising since Necrophagia are the text book definition of  "cult band," but current fans the uninitiated alike will want to give the song a listen. "The Wicked" is very much in the vein of the band's previous, gore obsessed material; there's even a horror movie sample worked into the song. "The Wicked" is offered as a free download via Necrophagia's Bandcamp page, and you can stream the song below. Aside from this single song, there hasn't been a lot of information about new material from the band. Season of Mist has given a general release date of 2014 for the new album and the band is playing F.O.A.D. Fest 2014 in the UK, but that's the extent of new information currently available about Necrophagia. Keep checking Metal Injection for any new developments, and, in the meantime, enjoy "The Wicked" at the loudest volume possible.

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