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Knocked Loose have proven that you do not need to be from a big city or music market to take off in the metal community


Album Review: KNOCKED LOOSE Laugh Tracks

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As the hardcore/metalcore genre continues to evolve, it seems that more bands are straying away from the typical '90s hardcore style riffs and going for more of a beatdown sound.  Well, if you're looking for a new record that is full of fight riffs and slowed down breakdowns then Knocked Loose's Laugh Tracks is for you.  Knocked Loose is picking up and moving faster than many people anticipated. Coming from Kentucky, with not many people knowing how strong the music scene is out there in the woods, Knocked Loose have proven that you do not need to be from a big city or music market to take off in the metal community.

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Since the band has taken the nation by storm with their debut EP Pop Culture in 2014, they've found themselves touring with some of the biggest acts in the metalcore/hardcore genre (Acacia StrainCounterpartsExpire, etc.)  Since the band's first release in 2014, they honestly do not have a single track in the repertoire that can be classified as a "dud".  Every song the band has in their arsenal is full of crushing fight riffs and angst making them a favorite in the genre.

Laugh Tracks was initially announced when the band released their first single for the record, "Deadringer", back in July while they were on the Common Vision tour (Acacia Strain, Oceano and Culture Killer).  "Deadringer" continued to show that Knocked Loose was not straying from their beatdown style of metal but only maturing and making their song composition more fluent.  Throughout the entire track you'll constantly find yourself bobbing your head and suddenly get the urge to start throwing hands… which is expected with every single track that Knocked Loose puts out.

From top to bottom, you can tell that this is a Knocked Loose record through and through.  The record is full of bangers such as "Oblivions Peak" and "Billy No Mates", which features a guest spot from Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy.  Riffs, pits and stage dives are a standard now for the Kentucky metal outfit but their songwriting as a whole has definitely become more developed with a lot more leads and fillers behind riffs to make their songs sound much more full.

The highlight of this record is "Blood Will Have Blood" which is the fourth track off of Laugh Tracks.  From the riffs written by guitarists Issac Hale and Cole Crutchfield to the strength of the vocals being delivered by vocalist Bryan Garris, you know the guys from Oldham County, Kentucky mean business with this track.  Everything about this song is just full of power, especially having "Blood Will Have Blood" following the breakdown friendly track "The Rain."

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All in all, Laugh Tracks should make your album of the year list.  It's full of breakdowns, panic chords, in your face drumming, powerfully delivered vocals and the wonderful production quality of producer Will Putney.  Definitely check out this record, it is one of the biggest stand outs in 2016.

Be sure to catch them on the Better Ash Than Dust Tour  with Stick To Your GunsStray From The Path and Expire.

Score: 9/10

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