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EP Review: IN;RETROSPECT A Different Animal

Posted by on November 9, 2018 at 3:39 pm

In a world consumed by self-images, labels and stereotypes, In;Retrospect is a breath of fresh air. The Wichita, Kansas band’s debut EP A Different Animal boldly lives up to its name. Mainly because it doesn't focus on one particular style. Instead, In;Retrospect openly blend their collective influences. As a result, the sound is what you might call "hybrid rock."

However, thinking outside-the-box isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The six tracks on A Different Animal are free-flowing and comfortable. They forsake rigid structure but don’t stray too far in any one direction. Like a musical open-ended question. In a good, enjoyable way of course. In that openness, lies the style and substance that is the heart of this EP. It offers up a desirable variety, combining elements that appeal to a vast audience. There’s a danceable, indie rock charm to “Mojo”. In contrast, “Phoenix” opts for a more traditional rock vibe with some major guitar licks.

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Lyrically, A Different Animal is just as compelling. It is visceral, honest and unabashedly clever. “Constellations” takes direct aim at inner struggles masked by pretense. The ripple effects of self-absorbed, destructive behavior are explored on “Selfish” with notably sharp wit: “Actions speak louder than words/Yours speak volumes." In those very words is the resounding voice of In;Retrospect.

A Different Animal is available for streaming via Spotify. You can purchase the EP on iTunes, Google Play and other major carriers.

Score: 6.5/10


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