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Album Review: IMPIETY Versus All Gods

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Singapore's kings of blackened death metal are back. Impiety are gearing up to release their first new album in eight years. They have the underground scene drooling. The gap between albums has been punctuated by a series of splits and EP's. There's something special about an album though. Hearing an artist's ideas unfold across a full length is just more satisfying. On Versus All Gods Impiety once again prove that they are among the best of the best. These songs are stripped back and vile. A testament to the twisted power of their music. Still, the group has made massive steps forward, and getting to hear that all come together over forty minutes is a treat. Impiety are thirty years into it, and still among the evilest bands in the world.

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For any veteran of the genre, it's hard not to be entranced with tracks like "Reigning Armageddon." The blast beats hit thick and fast. Squealing guitars provide a hellish undercurrent. Meanwhile, intense and flashy solos ring out. They provide a sense of sonic bliss as we careen through these ten songs. The chainsaw guitars and vicious barks are exciting to hear come together into wonderfully blasphemous music. It's is a fitting reminder as to why Impiety are frequently viewed as worthy progenitors of blackened death metal. The band has an excellent sense of execution.  This is largely because they were the ones who pioneered so many of these concepts in the first place! How can fans of extreme music not fall in love with the rapid-fire guitars that kick off a track like 'Djinn Of All Djinns'?

This record is a huge step forward for the band too. Impiety have hinted at new elements for years. It's exciting to hear them play out across a full length. Few of the band's peers remain this virile thirty years deep into their careers, but Impiety has found a way. Perhaps this is simply due to the addition of a pair of new guitarists, Iszar and Adzrin. They are a breath of fresh air for the band. While we had a taste of Iszar's work with the last two splits, Adzrin is a new asset for Impiety. Together the guitarists help to keep things fierce and sharp. There is a sense of danger here that makes for extremely satisfying listening.

Impiety have a deep understanding, and passion, for the genre's tropes. Their attack has always been unique and it's a pleasure to hear them back with a full length. The intensity of Versus All Gods can be intimidating, but that's part of the point. The band have proven that decades deep into their career they can still unleash twisted blackened death metal with the best of them. The addition of two new guitarists has given the band all sorts of new possibilities. Their work suggests the best is yet to come from Impiety. At a minimum, it's clear that they will be able to continue to operate and craft fascinating music for decades to come in their current iteration. Dive on in, the blood is fine!

Score: 9/10
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