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HE IS LEGEND Robbed In Hollywood

Posted by on May 29, 2019 at 12:50 pm

He Is Legend is currently wrapping up touring, which unfortunately entailed being robbed. The band's show in Hollywood, CA ended with their van's window being smashed and all their personal belongings being stolen. Which, according to a series of tweets from frontman Schuylar Croom, included his insulin.

“Last night after our most memorable show in Hollywood, CA to date, someone decided to smash the window of our van and take many of our personal belongings. Anyone who’s ever toured knows what kind of important and irreplaceable things we keep in our book bags… our whole lives.

“I hope this person or persons have heavy hearts as they look thru a bunch of useless shit in the light of day… because I’m about to make those hearts cease to beat with my mind.

“Hopefully they think my insulin is morphine and kill themselves in the process.

“Speaking of which if anyone in Austin has an extra pen of novalog and can help DM me.

“To all junkies and thieves, I bid you change your lives or that they end.

“I’m gonna chill. Maybe this 20 hour drive to Austin will calm me down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

He Is Legend will be wrapping up their tour with a show in Austin tonight and one in Houston tomorrow night. Help those dudes out by purchasing basically whatever you can from their merch table at these two shows.

‪To make a long story short, last night we had one of our biggest and most memorable headlining shows in Hollywood to date. The good times came to an end around 1am, when someone punched out our window and stole the bags and all personal belongings of 4 of our people. This is obviously a very disheartening way to end a tour for some of our crew. ‬

‪All we ask is that you come party extra hard with us in Austin and Houston, and help end this on a good note! Grabbing a ticket and picking up a shirt at the table is always the best and most direct way to support us, especially in moments like these.‬

‪Last night was still fucking legendary, and we love and thank you for all these years of support. No worthless piece of shit thief can ever steal that from us.‬

5/29: Austin, TX – Come and Take it Live
5/30: Houston, TX – Acadia Live

[via MetalSucks]

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