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EXCALIBUR: The best/only metal bar in Amsterdam

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excalibur1Well, I've been back for about a day now and of all the places I definitely miss Amsterdam the most. Yes, the weed is legal, and it's everywhere and it's pretty cheap and delicious. But beyond that there is also an incredibly beautiful city with tons of canals and ancient epic castles.

There are also a lot of bars. Being a metalhead, I hate regular people bars. The music usually sucks, the people are usually phony and I just get bored. Which is why I thank Buddah that the EXCALIBUR exists! Billed as the only biker/rock bar in Amsterdam, this place rules! I wish something this cool existed in Brooklyn.

The view from the bar

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We walk in to what looks like a medieval cave. There are bikes everywhere, pigs heads hanging out, and a bunch of suites of armor just chillin. The vibe is perfect for any tr00 metal head. The music we heard was like a throwback to the early 90s with bands like METALLICA, TYPE O NEGATIVE, SEPULTURA and LIFE OF AGONY blasting. They are fully stocked with a wide variety of spirits and the most delicious on-tap Heineken I've ever had. It's something I noticed in all of Europe. The Heineken tastes way less bitter over there, and it really comes across like a light beer similar to a Corona. I could drink it all day.

zadMy favorite thing about this bar is the bartender, Zad (pictured left). Dude looks like he was plucked straight out of the Brooklyn hardcore scene (or a pro wrestler). We actually assumed he was from BK because of all the music picks he had but he was born and raised in Amsterdam. This dude was the nicest guy ever and a great bartender, using some of the lights and cups around him as a make-shift drum kit during epic portions of songs.

Look, this bar rules, plain and simple. If you find yourself in Amsterdam, and get tired of smoking yourself retarded, or just need a little break… definitely check this place out.

[ EXCALIBUR Photo Set on Flickr | Official Site ]

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