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DVD Review: IRON MAIDEN "Life After Death"

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Iron Maiden   Live After Death DVDThere isn't much that we can say about this band that hasn't already been said. Having sold over 100 million albums worldwide without any significant radio play or mainstream support, IRON MAIDEN are one of the biggest acts in the world. With over 30 years of a rich and long history, they are one of the most successful and influential bands in heavy metal. And with the release of the "Live After Death" DVD, every fan is able to see why Iron Maiden are truly one of the greats.

This past February, "Live After Death" was released on a two-disc DVD set. Originally released on VHS in 1985, "Live After Death" is a cumulation of four nights off the "World Slavery Tour" from Long Beach, California. The original VHS release has been unavailable for quite some time, causing Iron Maiden fans to demand a re-release of the historical performance. The concert is 90 minutes long, with 14 songs ranging from their most popular hits (The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Iron Maiden) to the more obscure, rarely played favorites (Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Revelations, Powerslave).

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The first disc contains the full 90 minute recording of the concert. The show was originally filmed on 35mm. Yet, the DVD version really brings out the magic of this event. This show is not just about the awesome setlist, but the overall performance and spectacle that only Iron Maiden can do. The disc carries two different sound options; including the original audio of the concert mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound by Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden's producer since 1999) and the original stereo sound tracked by Martin Birch (the band's former producer from 1981 to 1993).

The second disc has the "History Of Iron Maiden" Part 2, which follows up on the legacy of the band off the DVD "The Early Days." Also on the disc is rare concert footage from "Rock In Rio '85," "'Ello Texas," and "Behind The Iron Curtain." Photo galleries, promo videos, artwork galleries, tour dates, tour programs and other features are all included on this very special DVD. With a total run time of over three hours, this is something for every Iron Maiden fan to check out.

I highly recommend this two-disc set to any and every heavy metal fan out there.

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