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Dead To Fall – The Phoenix Throne

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Dead To Fall 


Three words: fucking mean metalcore. Dead to Fall has already established themselves pretty well within the metalcore scene with “Everything I touch falls to Pieces” and “Villainy and Virtue”. On previous records, however, while it times very powerful and energetic, failed to bring anything new to the table, let alone vary from stagnant metalcore riffs. This album, is a triumph, and well hopefully lead some other bands to rethink what their wasting their time with.

What is different about this album you ask? Many things. For one, the recent addition of Nehemiah's -guitarist-s has made the band go in a much darker direction. The term darker not meant to mean less melodic or more atonal, but with harmonies and melodies that are chilling at times in between the thrashing and breakdowns. The more metalcore aspects of the cd have also become a force to be reckon with. The breakdowns use fast, tight, and painfully precise rhythms sometimes interwoven with Nehemiah's dark melodic riffing.

One thing that really seperates them greatly from the magnitude of bullshit I've been hearing these days, besides good musicianship, is that they are a metalcore band that actaully understands relations between instruments. The drums accent guitar fills and follow the guitar and bass rhythms tightly (I don't mean matching double bass during a breakdown either, all those there is plenty of that). Vocals stop with the music and aren't always about “look at me changing the world” during pauses in the music, and changes timbre accordingly.

Most importantly, this cd has more BALLS. The moshibility when alone is very high, and the volume is recommended to be very high, for better scream-along/growl-along values. The lyrics are mean, the breakdowns rip, the vocals are brutal. If the chorus of the first song, “Tommorow none of you will mean god damn thing”( cue growls and bulldozing rhythm ) doesn't make you want to throw a piano on an old lady, you should just get out of metal all together, because times are changing, and Dead To Fall are at the front with this release.


Originally  Posted by Alex on Thursday, April 6 2006 4:00 PM

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