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CD Review: SONS OF AZRAEL – The Conjuration Of Vengeance

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Sons Of Azrael   the Conjuration Of Vengeance

Damn, I have to say this is one of the easiest albums I’ve ever had to define. It’s just as easy as stating that “The Conjuration Of Vengeance” is a direct rip-off of THOUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD’s “Bloodlust”. It’s just that simple. So not only have bands gone as far to just copy another band, they now have to copy specific albums.

I’ll be honest, I simply was not into “Bloodlust”. I thought that everything that THOUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD had done before or since was much better since they weren’t focusing so much on melodic death metal. “Bloodlust” was for the most part a melodic metalcore album with a few death metal bits thrown in, and certainly not enough for me to call them deathcore, although I guess it was enough for a lot of other people to call it deathcore (maybe melodic deathcore is more fitting?)

So, back in 2005, “Bloodlust” was a contemporary album, but only 2 years later, a brand new album that sounds just like it is dated. Yeah, it’s a nasty thing to say, but trends come and go faster in certain underground sects faster than the mainstream.

I would hope that if SONS OF AZRAEL read this review, they’d take my suggestion and go in a creative direction. Unfortunately, I’ll be guessing if there’s any creative turns to be made, they’ll just rip off JOB FOR A COWBOY on their next album.


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