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CD Review: RUINER – Prepare To Be Let Down

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Ruiner   Prepare To Be Let Down

Have you ever wanted to scream because you’re so angry abut something, that you don’t care if you loose your voice? I love it when bands do that, because you can practically hear the conviction pouring off the singer/screamer. It’s like listening to someone so mad, they formed a band around it, and didn’t care if they made a cent touring as long as they could go around screaming until the singer can’t talk anymore. Yeah! That’s living by your convictions!

RUINER play the kind of upbeat (musically, not lyrically) punky hardcore that basically starts with punk, and cranks up the speed, heaviness, lyrics and vocal harshness up to hardcore levels. Of course, I don’t think any of it would work if it didn’t sound like the vocalist was ticked off enough to yell until his voice is gone. Some of those lyrics he’s spouting off seem brutally honest about himself, such as the song “That Stone Better Be On Fire” stating that he’s angry, white, and lived a middle class life, and that he continually messes up. I’m paraphrasing, but I’m sure if you took the jist of it and added a few more “motherfuckers” in there, you’d get the point.

“Prepare To Be Let Down” is a short album at only 21 minutes, although that length is a little misleading. Almost all of the 12 songs are between one and two minutes long. That 27 second song “Bottom Line: Fuck You” sounds like it’s actually part of the opening track, which is also the title song, so that’s practically one track. The last track, “Kiss That Motherucker Goodnight”, is practically epic at 5:45, but it’s really only 3:30 of song with a little bit of guitarwork and piano trailing at the end. The truth is, you don’t need any more songs, as the album is a good short burst of anger. Any more would probably be too much, and start to become a slight bit intolerable after that. Oh, and vocalist Rob Sullivan would also probably loose his voice by then.


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