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CD Review: FONDLECORPSE – Blood And Popcorn

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Fondlecorpse   Blood And Popcorn

I just got a package in from Razorback Records, and I have to say, they go all out on the art which is mixed with violent underground comics and a love affair with old-school horror movies. All that means FONDLECORPSE gets to mix everything they love together on the MCD “Blood And Popcorn”, which is of course their love of overtly sexual, violent gore movies, and tongue-in-cheek horror critters.

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The music isn’t the actual goregrind you would expect, instead it’s more of a mixture of death metal and thrash. The horror movie love of course extends to those samples ripped right from films, and thankfully they’re short, to the point, and tastefully done. I’ve heard lots of gore band overdo it by dragging samples out to death, basically ruining songs. One sample in particular comes from the first “Halloween” movie, and when the music kicks in, the band does their best death metal interpretation of the theme song! Unfortunately the rest of music lacks depth, a lack of hooks to dig into the listeners flesh with, or the hustle and bustle of the songs gets buried in the lacking of good production values. I’m sure if the instruments were fine-tuned by the players to be a bit more powerful, the recording a bit better, and the mixing fine tuned, you might be able to make out some good material to set an old-school horror flick too. Not to mention the garbled, effects laden vocals. I thought when the CD first started it was a temporary effect, which was tolerable enough, but not for a whole album. It’s too bad, because the horror movie cliche lyrics are actually pretty fun to read.

The packaging for just about everything that Razorback Records does makes everything look colorful, fun, and hilarious. I just wish that the production and the vocals could come out an show how good FONDLECORPSE might be.


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Fondlecorpse at Razorback Records

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