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CD Review: F.K.U. – Metal Moshing Mad

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FKU   Metal Moshing Mad

You can just put away those ideas of what four-letter word F.K.U. might sound like, because it’s “Freddy Kruegers Underwear”.

Much like many of the other bands on the Razorback Records roster, the boys in F.K.U. are obsessed with classic horror hanging around the 80’s to 70’s era, although these guys like their inspiration to be more from the 80’s. So what would fit better with 80’s horror films than of course some Swedes playing retro 80’s thrash? Clean singing and all!

For an re-release from 1999, the retro sound of “Metal Moshing Mad” actually sounds modern in the sense that it’s similar to some of the retro thrash bands of today, along with much improved production. The guitars are a lot more powerful and crunchy than you’d expect in comparison to an actual 80’s recording, and the drums are crisp and clear.

With bands like this though, there’s something sorely lacking from the songs which I usually like to expect from retro thrash bands, and it’s the fun part. On paper, everything should be there, like referencing most of the famous 80’s, the little bits of theme songs, the gang chants, almost chaotic vocals that add in some grittiness and falsetto vocals, and even the short songs should suggest that it’s a fun-filled romp. Unfortunately what the songs lack is depth and memorability, as there’s nothing to latch onto when you play the album through several times. Not only that, but there’s something strange, like something cold and calculated behind everything that’s going on… F.K.U. doesn’t play as tight as robots, but I can’t help but feeling that every last detail was planned down to the final detail, rather than playing it dangerously from the seat of the bands pants. Sorry, it’s hard to put my finger on it…

The extra demo included with the album doesn’t really add much. I’m sure if someone enjoyed F.K.U. and never had the chance to get this album, it might be a nice bonus. The “Beware Of The Evil Underwear” demo songs are recorded at a slightly lower quality, and have variations on many of the songs appearing on the “Metal Moshing Mad” full-length, as well as a few joke songs barely a few seconds long. Witness the four second “Tommy Lee Sucks”. It sounds funny, but the joke gets old fast.

While F.K.U. may claim to have been doing the retro thrash revival before many of their more current rivals, they simply don’t do it as well as some of the younger, modern bands.


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