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CD Review: DESTROYER DESTROYER – Littered With Arrows

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Destroyer Destroyer   Littered With Arrows

I actually saw an add for this album, and one of the tag lines was “For fans of shaking their head and saying: What the fuck?!” What an apt statement.

The album “Littered With Arrows” is to date the noisiest most chaotic mess I’ve ever had the chance to hear. If you play this for your friends, they will hate you. If your parents hear this, they’ll probably think you’re going to kill yourself. If you do listen to this album, you probably should kill yourself, or at least o.d. on a bizarre concoction of household chemicals, and maybe some actual drugs too.

I played this for a friend of mine, and he said it sounded like COINVERGE on crack. What the hell does that mean? You know all those standard metaphors and similes people use that really don’t mean anything? Maybe he could’ve also asked “What are they smoking, and where can I get some?”

The closest band I can compare DESTROYER DESTROYER to are GAZA, and it’s to the point where you can easily see how the two are related. DESTROYER DESTROYER are a little bit faster and jarring, which more than likely would make them a bit more technical. While that may make GAZA seem a slight bit simpler by comparison, when compared to “Littered With Arrows”, “I don’t Care Where I Go When I Die” is a heavier album. Since I define “heavy” as having some destructive low-end power, this album is a bit more low-fat, and kind of gives the listener the feeling of being stabbed with lots of sharp objects. Wait a minute! Now the title “Littered With Arrows” make sense!

So this review doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t matter anyways, because you probably won’t understand “Littered With Arrows”. That of course means that “Littered With Arrows” is shooting right to the top of my year end list, and likely won’t be topped by any other release this year.


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