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CD Review: Chaosfear – One Step Behind Anger

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Chaosfear   One Step Behind Anger

Hey! These guys named themselves after a Meshuggah album, so they must be on of those Meshuggah influenced bands! Oh, sorry, that was “ChaoSPHERE”. They vocalist does bear a striking similarity to Jens Kidman’s bark though.

Thrash is the order of the day from this underground Brazilian band. They manage to pull their influences from 3 different decades at once, and in fact part of the fun in listening to “One Step Behind Anger” is trying to figure what band they ripped off at which time. They’ve made a good choice in bands to steal their riffs from too, from Slayer, to Machine Head, as well as The Haunted.

“One Step Behind Anger” can be an enjoyable to listen, mainly because it actually sounds like the band had fun playing it, although the song titles would have you believe that they’re angry about all the rough times they’ve been through. Let’s be honest, songs titles like “Driven By Hate” and “Hard Time For The Wrong Man” are just way too obvious.

Chaosfear’s  debut is certainly driven by the kind piss and vinegar a youthful bunch of lads making a first album would have, but it lacks a unique voice. They do a great job of ripping off Slayer, Machine Head and The Haunted, but in the end, bands like Hatesphere have made their way on inserting some good hooks and finding their own voice. The rating is a point lower due to the derivative nature of the album, but if you do manage to get your hands on “One Step Behind Anger”, you’ll at least have a lot of fun while the ride lasts.


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