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Cd Review: BLOODY SIGN – Explosion Of Elements

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Bloody Sign   Explosion Of Elements

My top 3 favorite regions for heavy music are Quebec, Japan and France. French bands as of late have had a standard of releasing very creative and high quality releases, so I had high hopes for BLOODY SIGN.Those hopes were dashed pretty quickly, as “Explosion Of Elements” is an aimless collection of death metal cliches played sloppier than usual.

We live in a day and age where death metal is becoming a more acceptable art form. I always ask myself if a death metal band can appeal to audiences beyond people who like underground unknown death metal bands, who simply execute their craft “properly”. I’ve gotten friends who wouldn’t normally give death metal chance hooked on SUFFOCATION and MORBID ANGEL, and recently ESTUARY, so what am I supposed to say about BLOODY SIGN ?

If you know what death metal sounds like, then you already know what BLOODY SIGN sounds like. I’ll give them a slight bit of credit for not directly ripping anybody off, unfortunately they go through every tired death metal cliche they can. The only exception they make is that strange ambient intro with harsh chanting vocals to the song “Iron Genesis“, but once they jump into the action, it’s back to every tremolo picked riff and blast beat you’ve ever heard.


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