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Bloodhorse ST

Good old stoner rock. And yeah, it’s stoner rock, because I wouldn’t say it’s heavy enough to be stoner metal. The fuzz just isn’t cranked high enough, and BLOODHORSE seem to like their stuff to be a bit less modern and a bit more retro.

At first, the hissing that I could hear in the recording of the first two songs got to me. After a few listens though, it started to feel like something else, like I was listening to a demo right from the 70’s, or even better, vinyl! Even though it’s completely retro in everything this EP does, it still manages to have a youthful feel, probably from the singer trying his best to stay on key. I love hearing that, singers who can barely just sing. There’s something about it, like a really underground feel and some soul pouring off that pop singers can’t match.

It’s a bit difficult for me to put into words those good bits, since I’m not regularly a stoner anything listener, but me being me, I’m always willing to give something a chance. And hey, for any of those nu-metal bands seeking redemption, every new release is another chance. But back to BLOODHORSE.

What can I say? It starts off with a slow jam, but as things progress, these guys seem to throw more hooks on, and become a little more rock with every song. I should probably hate the song “The Goat” for doing a four minute drum solo in a seven minute song, but it only helps to make me think of a time back the late 60’s when every drummer only had a tiny drum kit, but were able to turn every little fill into a drum solo.

I was a bit surprised the way they treated the last song “Sparks” though. The shortest, and probably catchiest song of all, with it’s 70’s rock riffs moving between some slightly lightened up chords was an instrumental. It’s the kind of thing that should appear in the soundtrack to a movie.

Seriously though, you need to check this out. I don’t use drugs, but I listen to enough crazy music that I probably should. BLOODHORSE sound like a bunch of young dudes tricked into taking ride with Marty McFly in the DeLorean.


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