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CD Review: BLOOD FREAK – Multiplex Massacre

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Blood Freak   Multiplex Massacre

Looking through all the material I’ve gotten from Razorback Records, I’m just wondering how this label is able to get bands so focused on old school horror movies. Do these guys all know each other personally?

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BLOOD FREAK almost appears to be the mascot band for the label, because I swear I hear about this Razorback band more than any other band through SMN News. After hearing a “Multiplex Massacre”, I guess it’s not hard to understand why. I’m always expecting a full fledged gore-grind band from Razorback, but no, on “Multiplex Massacre”, BLOOD FREAK plays a mixture of 80’s thrash, death metal, and even a little bit of old-school grindcore. It’s a fun mix with lots of schizophrenic layered vocals moving a little bit higher or lower in the spectrum of some slightly garbled growls. The vocals, as slurry as they might get sometimes, actually seem to fit perfectly with the horror theme of the music.

The music itself actual contains a bit of depth for being based around such tongue-in-cheek material, and generally short songs (almost all between a minute and a half and three minutes). The way BLOOD FREAK pulls it off is to have some seriously hooking old-school riffs and actual horror movie inspiration. The guitar solos seem to come and go as they please, but when they get there, they’re living in good old 80’s thrash reverb land. The guitar leads do exactly what a lead should do, which is enhance a song, and they too feature they’re own sharp, stabby little hooks.

It’s unfortunate that from the appearance of things, BLOOD FREAK may have a limited audience. I would hope with the resurgence of everything metal, from death metal, to thrash, to grind, to the comebacks made from 80’s culture and horror movies that “Mulitplex Massacre” could find it’s way into the hands of more than a select few.


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