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CD Review: BEHEMOTH - The Apostasy

Posted on July 18, 2007

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Every once in a while, an album comes along that re-awakens you to a genre; it presents a new outlook on the way music is defined. BEHEMOTH's newest venture into the genre some fans are calling "blackened death metal" demonstrates not only the evolution of a band, but of a style of music. 'The Apostasy' is a departure from traditional "black metal," introducing complex vocal harmonies, rythms and melodies that would feel at home in a DARK TRANQUILITY song.

For starters, the technical quality of this album is excellent. It seems that metallers have finally risen from the stigma that to be metal, one's music quality has to be murky. The guitars are pristine yet brutal; pumping out spine tingling riffs and runs while the vocals are distorted and viscious as ever. The thundering drums are balanced wonderfully with the rest of the instruments. This album also marks the band's first foray into the realm of melodic vocals. NEVERMORE's Warrel Dane makes a guest appearance on the track 'Inner Sanctum,' in which his characteristic voice is juxtaposed against the haunting lyrics that BEHEMOTH frontman Nergal chants throughout the song.

The songs themselves reach new highs for the band. With titles themes like kriegsphilosophie (German for war philosophy, 'Slaying the Prophets of [Jesus]' and the general concept of forsaking one of the most well-established religious persuasions in the world, this album is truly epic. Besides the absolute brutal and hair-raising musical aspects, the lyrics are eloquent and poetic. Though a "party hard," rock 'n roller on the outside, Nergal is a very thoughtful and well-spoken vocalist.

This was masterfully produced, beautifully performed and catchy as hell. If you're into death metal, speed metal, groovin' metal rythms or phenomenal drums, check this out. 'The Apostasy' hit stores yesterday, so go and buy it!


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