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Review: KADAVAR Abra Kadavar

Posted by on May 20, 2013 at 4:46 pm

What rolls through my head while listening to German stoner rock trio Kadavar’s second album, Abra Kadavar? This is music to get stoned to. This is music for lying under black lights and layers of creeping smoke, and just grooving, like when you were a teenager. This is music for skipping work to hang out with a few friends and plenty of beer. But most important, this is music to be played at high volume for full effect.

Fans of ’60s and ’70s rock will appreciate Abra Kadavar for its throwback sound. It’s reminiscent of Symptom of the Universe-era Black Sabbath, but also The Doors, Hawkwind, and Led Zeppelin. Fans of Fu Manchu, Red Fang, and Spiritual Beggars will find something familiar in Kadavar. Having toured with the likes of Sleep and Pentagram, Kadavar has already cemented their reputation as up-and-coming members of the doom rock genre.

Abra Kadavar comes out May 14th in North America via Nuclear Blast.

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