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Capsule Review: GRIME Deteriorate

Posted by on May 13, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Just the name Grime is about all you need to take away to get an idea of whether you'll like their material or not. Add in that their latest album is entitled Deteriorate with a rotting, skinless corpse on the front cover and you have a band perfectly personified within the artwork. So if you're looking for some flowery bullshit, step aside because Grime is going to shit all over your speakers and slowly grind your face into the gravel.

Deteriorate is the second full length by the Italian trio. If you're at all familiar with the self-titled release from 2011 then you know what to expect. Heavy, heavy guitar fuzz, monstrous sounding drums, girth-y bass lines, strained/pissed vocals, and raw ugliness.

Deteriorate is an eight song chug that sounds like a train pushing through a tar pit. The album kicks off with “Burning Down the Cross.” A low hum pushes through the speakers as a voice discusses the ides of war. From there on it's clear that Grime are pushing right into it without any relenting. Feedback and slow, crushing instruments fill every track. Every track follows in this style as though the band were pushing knee-deep through the dead. Tracks like “Idiot God” have an eerie atmosphere to them. Others like “Giving Up” are straight through pulverization, though little variation is found throughout.

Grime isn't a band that's going to reinvent the genre of sludge, and they don't need to. They excellently throw albums together that have an addictive quality. Yeah, Deteriorate is extremely atonal and songs are so strung together that you may not notice when tracks switch unless you're holding a lyric sheet, but they deliver where it counts and don't fuck around. If you're a fan of Seven Sisters of Sleep, Grief, or Meth Drinker then Deteriorate is an album you'll definitely want to trudge through.


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