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Caliban – The Undying Darkness

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calibanGerman metalcore gurus, Caliban, return with their lastest effort entitled "The Undying Darkness", an impressive effort at that. Seasoned in metalcore, this band actually knows how to write a great album for just anyone. I personally am not a fan of the bands previous work, but this release grasped my attention. Its catchy as hell. The grooves are reminiscent of Killswitch Engage, Unearth, and All That Remains; however, they keep their own sound prominent with the eccentric screams over the sick breakdowns. One might say that happens in every band, but not every band has a screamer that sounds like Elmyra from Tiny Toons when he screams. The whole album is seriously good. Like stated before its catchy, mostly because of the melodic chorus' in almost every single song. My only complaint is, I really don't want to be singing out loud "I Rape Myself" while I am in a public place. That is one of the most catchy parts on the whole CD, but I can't fathom why they would make that as the chorus. Did they think hey, the chorus should sound so beautiful when we sing from our hearts, "I Rape Myself"?" I really do not understand what they were trying to accomplish with it. But I must point out that the chorus on "It's Our Burden To Bleed" is just as good so I guess I need to listen to this one over and over again so I don't randomly sing "I RAPE MYSELF" out loud while at work. Just remember there are nice nice breakdowns of all sorts of tempos. The drums are so groovy its contagious and the g

Nevertheless, the release is definitely worth picking up, especially if you are a metalcore fan. You will not be disappointed at all. Even if you are not a metalcore fan, check it out anyways. Lets compare notes.

01 – "Intro"
02 – "I Rape Myself"
03 – "Song About Killing"
04 – "It's Our Burden To Bleed"
05 – "Nothing Is Forever"
06 – "Together Alone"
07 – "My Fiction Beauty"
08 – "No More 2nd Chances"
09 – "I Refuse To Keep On Living…"
10 – "Sick Of Running Away"
11 – "Moment Of Clarity"
12 – "Army Of Me"
13 – "Room Of Nowhere"
www.calibanmetal.comOriginally Posted by JonMichael on Tuesday, April 4 2006 12:40 PM

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