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BLACK DAHLIA MURDER's Majesty makes you feel like you're in the band

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The trailer to Majesty, the new DVD from The Black Dahlia Murder
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I love seeing how bands act offstage. It's one of the reasons we started Metal Injection. We were tired of mundane interviews where the bands sit around talking about their influences and "the songwriting process" and other questions that have been answered in dozens of other interviews in magazines. I want to see the band goofing off!

That's why when I heard the BLACK DAHLIA MURDER were putting out a DVD, I was mega-stoked. These guys have always been hilarious when we've hung out with them so having somebody with a camera around was quite possibly the best idea the band ever had.

Live To Get Radical TattooAfter watching the DVD, there is no other word that could describe it, except radical. It is one of the most entertaining band DVDs I've ever seen. The way the band was presented was light on the Behind the Music type stuff. It was more of a 2 hour Black Dahlia reality show. There are a ton of gags, gorillas and awesomely cut live footage with killer live audio that make the songs sound more intense then their CD counterparts. After 2 hours of video, you really feel like you know these guys.

The production value on the DVD is stellar. Director Robbie Tassaro really makes you feel like you're just a member of the crew on tour with the band. There is a ton of content to appease any fa: a 2 hour documentary, 11 live songs, all the band's music videos and 30 minutes of outtakes.

I'm not going to sit here and spew some tired cliché like "If you by one DVD this year…" but if you like getting together with your friends, drinking some beer, smoking some weed and watching other dudes get wasted and do dumb shit and play awesome metal, then this DVD is for you!

Buy Majesty for $14.99 at Amazon
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Here is an exclusive clip from the documentary portion of the DVD:
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