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Avatar Country is a wonderful ride. If you’re looking to get lost in a charming journey of melodies, this is the record for you.


Album Review: AVATAR Avatar Country

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With the release of their seventh studio LP, Avatar’s Avatar Country (eOne) continues the band’s tradition of performing epic melodic metal. The album is woven in fabrics of playful mysticism, celebrating the music in all its glory. While there isn’t anything extreme in the sense of technicality at play, fans will be happy to know that this record is an absolutely fine addition to the Avatar discography. For across all its songs comes swirls of wondrous melodies, enchanting listeners from start to finish.

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“Legend of The King” leans more towards an instrumental track, the vocals popping up for brief periods of time. At center stage is all the guitar work, blooming with beautiful shades of melody. There are great uses of low and high tones, playing into the song’s majestic nature. Song structure here is to the point, yet, is highly enjoyable thanks to the enticing blends of electrifying guitar sounds. “The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country” is just the third track in, and already tosses listeners a fun surprise. The track immediately kicks things off with a honky-tonk country rhythm. The song as a whole embodies this style, the vocals playing on typical country drawls. This is another track that is fairly to the point, including only a few shifts in tempo and sound.

Again, the main enjoyment of this record is that it’s a blast to listen to. Even with a strong linear song structure at use, each individual track radiates blends of rousing intensity. All the instruments provide something positive to the mix, and the vocals are entertaining as well. But most importantly, the real star of Avatar Country is the guitar playing. Not only are the melodies explosive and magnetic, but the rhythms also take on just as much of a charming appeal. “A Statue of The King” revs things up, the instruments preparing listeners to get ready for the oncoming surge of intensity. The balance between moments of shredding, along with the more carnival and perky segments, make this a track that’s possible to both head bang and dance to. “King After King” offers the vocals a little more time in the limelight, the verse sections having the instrumentals take a step back as the vocals bark forth. When the chorus does appear, everyone in the band comes together, blossoming in typical Avatar fashion.

Avatar Country is a wonderful ride. If you’re looking to get lost in a charming journey of melodies, this is the record for you. The material is to the point in its direction, offering varying shifts in tempo and shades of sound. However, the minimal technicality does not take away from just how fun the record is, with every track having the power to lure listeners in. It makes for a worthy addition to the Avatar collection, showing off the band’s skill in crafting thrilling music that can be both heavy and catchy.

Score: 8/10

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