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Album Review: JUNTA Junta

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Most everyone knows the center of punk and all its glorious subgenres has historically been inspired by social unrest. There's a reason the lyrics are often angry, the rhythms crunchy and the riffs rough. NYC hardcore four-piece Junta is a raging example of what it means to fight injustice, from the streets through all parts of everyday life.

Their 20 minute debut album Junta delivers 11 tracks that contain "dissonant hardcore aggression interwoven with passages of poetry and spoken word" – but Junta doesn't want to talk about that. In fact, when DIY Conspiracy contacted them for an interview, their singer N. refused to answer any questions about their music, stating that there are more important things than talking about punk. After sitting with that statement for a second and looking around at the shambles the global community is falling into as we speak, I agree.

I am fully impressed with Junta. I wanted to use the word "proud", but "I'm proud of them" is an "I" statement. It pulls the attention back to myself, which is the opposite of what this record and this band is asking for. A band like this, who are known for "benefit shows across the city aimed at the empowerment and defense of the city's vibrant multicultural underground to which they belong and have committed unconditional militancy" are asking for action instead of attention. This ask comes with Junta leading by example in ways other than their lyrics.

They use shows to raise funds for a Migrant Mutual Aid, host Toy Drives for Unaccompanied Minors, post do's and don't for things such as "Community Defense" on social media, and more. If "utilize your platform" is the call to action, Junta is the sword, stained with the blood of their deeply personal experiences. "How horrific is the face of Facism?"

This is still a music-focused site, so I would be remiss not to mention it at all. Even though attention clearly isn't their driving purpose, Junta's self-titled does a great job of delivering factual information while addressing issues that are often swept under the rug. There is no vagueness, nothing left to imagination. Junta's statements are lit on fire with unique intros and their raw hardcore sound behind them, heard in tracks like "Devil's Highway" (my personal favorite). If you seek purpose in a world that often feels bleak, Junta will inspire you to take meaningful action.

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