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This band from Arizona has produced some interesting releases, so what's to be expected from Sun Eater? Will there be a natural progression in their technical attributes or will JFAC revert back to a heavier approach?


Album Review: JOB FOR A COWBOY Sun Eater

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On April 12th, 2012 Demonocracy was released. It was Job For a Cowboy's third full-length album. Since that release, many have been waiting and wondering what the next step would be for the band. Two and half years later, here we are; about to evaluate Sun Eater, the new, anticipated project that has had fans drooling since the release of their single "Sun of Nihility". This band from Arizona has produced some interesting releases, so what's to be expected from Sun Eater? Will there be a natural progression in their technical attributes or will JFAC revert back to a heavier approach?

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Sun Eater will be the fourth release by this band. This is not including two separate EPs that contribute to the band's discography, which has been in the making since the formation of JFAC in December 2003. Typically, I enjoy weighing the differences between the band's previous release and their newest discharge, but given the qualities of both Demonocracy, and Sun Eater, it would be unfair to indulge in this typical manner of comparison. The differences are too great to accurately apply this formula, much in the same way when comparing White Chapel's A New Era of Corruption, to their following Self Titled release. Fear not though, not all change is bad, and in this situation, Sun Eater will be able to stand the test of time once it is released on November 11th, 2014.

To understand what JFAC is doing with Sun Eater, it's important to know their past growth and evolution. The band started out as a heavier extreme death metal band, and has kept that label for the most part through the years. Each release is unique, some better than others, but all technical and well formulated. The jump that Sun Eater makes is obvious. From the single "Sun of Nihility", it's apparent the band has changed. This is not a single that stands alone as the best song on the album, nor do all the other tracks revert back to a prehistoric version of themselves.

The album breathes life into the death metal genre as an album that can truly stand alone and be compared to nothing else. Wondering riffs, groove driven guitar segments, solos, and deathly vocals all remain a staple in this JFAC release, but what's new is what happens to be the most attractive. The consistent pace of the album is the un-deniable driving factor in bringing their dependable new sound to a whole new level. There are slower and faster segments, but in all, the album paces itself well. This is a strength. It helps the listener digest, and plow through the tracks at a rewarding rate. After fully feeding on the progress, the listener will be able to remember distinctions and highlights throughout. The progressive feel is also a refreshing touch. Ambient segments in the closing of "Buried Monuments", and slow introductions on "Worming Nightfall" leave a high quality impression of the song writing abilities that draw in the listener. It allows the listener to be let go, leaving no questions to be asked, and no feelings harassed. The layered guitar parts, coupled with amplified bass segments, impact the listener in a whole new way which puts the final touches on this new congregated sound.

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This will not be an album for everyone. If you're looking for a powerful heavy album to jam to and are hoping for another Doom release, or need a mind blowing album that shreds, move along. Sun Eater remains an album that will be a solid brick in the foundation of the death metal genre with no gimmicks or trends to back it up. Just solid music. An 8/10 would be a solid reflection of what these guys are doing, and knowing where they have come from, any future releases will be anticipated.

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