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Album Review: BLACK ANVIL Regenesis

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Regenesis is a downright amazing record. I might argue that this is actually Black Anvil's crowning achievement given just how many times I've listened to this record since the day I received it. It appears I've actually listened to it more than any other record so far in this second half of 2022. While I've always been intrigued by Black Anvil's brand of blackened thrash, Regenesis just elevates this band into the circle of the elite of this particular genre when it comes to songcraft and song structure.

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The originality and the finishes are what really drives this record. It's not merely "brutal" and "punishing" for the sake of being such things. In fact, there are more than a few times that the band takes the foot off the accelerator. But it's the little breaks and unique sounds in songs like the mesmerizing "The Bet" that keep you coming back to it. Not only that, it's the attention to the ever-so-subtle melody in the chorus on tracks like "8-bit Terror" that both surprises and delights you.

Speaking of "8-bit Terror," what an incredible, well-crafted song. The mix is perfect. The solo is brilliant. The tempo is at just the perfect speed. One of my favorite songs of 2022, I can't believe that this doesn't have tens of thousands of views on Youtube. Someone check that algorithm over there because this song is scorched and blackened fire!

"Castrum Doloris" is another cut off this new record that examines a new dimension in the band's sound. The diversity in the vocals really works here and the bass tone in tandem with the rhythm guitars really provides something special. By the way, Guilherme Henriques did this great lyric video for it.

Black Anvil has always been a band that pushes boundaries and this record really demonstrates how far this band is willing to go. "29" is track the represents this as these native New Yorkers blend aspects of noise, post-metal, black metal and prog into a composition that takes you into the darkest tunnels of the subterranean sludge and grist that their city has always been famous for.

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Overall, Black Anvil's debut for new label Season of Mist records is a great one and it's only enhanced by the stunning artwork at the hands of Metastazis. The band presents a thought-provoking record that makes us re-examine USBM by pushing the limits of the genre and opening it up to new sounds and audio experiences. There are a variety of unique sounds and multiple layers in this record that really add some texture and diversity to the sonics. It shows the care and craft that went into the record and that's something you come to appreciate on this record with repeated listens. Overall, Regenesis is an essential USBM record without any doubt. If you haven't taken notice of Black Anvil yet, now is most definitely the time to do so.

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