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CD Review (and Album Stream): ABORTED Global Flatline

Posted by on January 20, 2012 at 1:15 pm

They may not be a stand-out band in the Death Metal world for me, but I have always appreciated Aborted’s guttural brand of blood-soaked aggression. On their new album, Global Flatline, the band has exceeded my expectations and made a bludgeoning sledgehammer of an album to start the New Year. Sonically, the album’s atmosphere resembles that of some modern death-core groups, without the stock breakdowns, and with more elaborate death-metal song structures. Unlike some other releases that, as “brutal” as they may be, come off as a lifeless blur, Global Flatline grabs the listener by the throat and bashes him in the face.

Vocalist Sven comfortably switches from mid-range shouting to his VERY strong and guttural death roar. The title track opens with the sound clip “I’m going to fucking rape your soul!” (gets right to the point doesn’t it?) and gets the album off to an excellent start, followed by the band’s latest sing, Origin of Disease. I would also cite Fecal Forgery as a highlight. The song has some of the best riffing on the entire album and more melodic arrangements that make it stand out more than some of the others. Otherwise, the album may lack real variation, but so long as you’re in the mood for riffs, blastbeats, and guts- Aborted delivers 14 songs worth of the good stuff!

Oh, and I also find it hard to insult a band that puts Hellraiser sound bites into their songs, like this one from the final track:

“Your suffering will be legendary…even in Hell”

Rating: 7.5/10

Favorite songs: Global Flatline, Источник Болезни (The Origin Of Disease), Fecal Forgery, Vermicular Obscene Obese

Full album stream courtesy of No Clean Singing:

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