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I cannot wait to be able to take this vacation.  It seems like forever since I have had one.  A few of the girls and I decided that we were going to make it an all girls week.  This is going to prove to be great fun.  After several months of deliberation, we decided that the Myrtle Beach attractions would be enough to keep us amused for the week and we were on the hunt for some fabulous Myrtle Beach hotels.

One of our group said that she could get some discounts if we wanted to look at some of the north Myrtle Beach hotel chains.  I said that I would not mind that as long as we are saving some money and that we could be somewhere close to the beaches.  After all beaches mean hot guys.

We all decided that instead of trying to mesh all of our ideas together, we would all take on a different part of the arrangements.  It was my job to make an itinerary of the Myrtle Beach attractions that we would visit during our trip.  I was especially happy with my assignment because I am the adventurous one and I could find some great stuff for us to do and some of the more unique Myrtle Beach attractions that most people neglect.

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