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MSRcast Episode 104: Metal Warbeasts

MSRcast Episode 104: Metal WarbeastsWelcome to a very lengthy episode of MSRcast. Along with our usual playlist, we also bring a chat I was able to have with Warbeast's lead vocalist, Bruce Corbitt at a show a few weeks ago. Enjoy the metal!

Amoricide – Woman Killer
Solitude Aeturnus – Days Of Prayer
Ayolsatec – The Foul rains of Tialoc
Order of Ennead – Lies Upon the Lips of Judas
Macabre – Countess Bathory
Uncleansed – Sacrament of the Ancients
Soul Inquisition – Enter The Kingdom of the Dead
Cathedral – Funeral Of Dreams
Souls At Zero – Grey World
Warbeast Interview
Rigor Mortis – Bodily Dismemberment
Warbeast – We Are The Vultures
Iron Maiden – 22 Acacia Avenue
Destruction – Ripping the Flesh Apart
Ratt – Best Of Me
Godless Rising – Eternity In Hell
Death Angel – I Chose the Sky
Vicious Rumors – Abandoned
Spectral Manifest – Fate of the Disgraced
Iron Maiden – Mother Of Mercy

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