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MSRcast 147: Interview with Michael Kiske

On the newest installment of MSRcast, we had the extreme pleasure of speaking with one of the all time great vocalists, Michael Kiske. Listen in as we discuss all of his projects including his solo work, Avantasia, Kiske-Somerville, Unisonic, his work with Timo Tolkki, and yes, even Helloween. We also play music from his illustrious career, and even some musical tracks Kiske himself picked out, including an artist we have never played before! Enjoy this interview with Michael Kiske, and as always, Keep It Metal!

Kiske – You Always Walk Alone – Past In Different Ways

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Place Vendome – Talk To Me – Thunder In The Distance

Place Vendome – Maybe Tomorrow – Thunder In The Distance

Avantasia – Lost In Space (Kiske Version)

Revolution Renaissance – I Did It My Way – New Era

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Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – The Land Of New Hope – The Land Of New Hope

Unisonic – Unisonic – Unisonic

Kiske/Somerville – If I Had A Wish – Kiske/Somerville

Helloween – I’m Alive – Keeper Of The Seven Keys part 1

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Elvis Presley – I Just Can’t Stop Believing

Iced Earth – Screaming For Vengeance – Tribute To The Gods

Kiske – A Little Time – Past In Different Ways

Helloween – Longing – Chameleon

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