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MSRcast Episode 130: Long Since Metal!

Welcome kiddies to episode 130 of MSRcast. We have been bringing the metal for a long time, and we are bringing you a splatterfest of metal ranging from Doom/Death to Thrash, to Prog Metal! We bring you the best of Metal, and throw it in a blender, including cuts from Sabaton, Revocation, Anata, Daylight Dies, James LaBrie, Devin Townsend Project, Broken Teeth and more. Here is the playlist:

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Sabaton – Twilight Of The Thunder God
Dublin Death Patrol – Mind Sewn Shut
Revocation – Cradle Robber
Ereb Altor – Boatman’s Call
Anata – The Drowning
Daylight Dies – The Pale Approach
Threshold – Staring At The Sun
Long Since Dark – Reflection Fade
In-Quest – In For The Kill
Blackfinger – All The Leaves Are Brown
James LaBrie –  Need You
Devin Townsend Project – Woah No!
Pentagram – Everything’s Turning To Night
Duke – Microman
Broken Teeth – Exploder
Probot – Sweet Dreams

Rest In Peace, to my friend Travis Weiss. This episode is in tribute to his memory!

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