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MSRcast Episode 129: Geeky Metal

Welcome my friends to episode 129 of MSRcast. In this episode, we get all geeky up in here. We designed a fun playlist full of songs and bands that are geeky in nature. We have everything from Spawn influenced concept albums, songs based on Marvel comics characters, Indiana Jones, Batman, 90’s cartoon series, Sci-Fi shows like Firefly, video games, and even the mighty Iron Maiden. We hope you guys enjoy and geek out with us here at MSRcast!

Iced Earth – The Dark Saga – Spawn
Blind Guardian – Sacred – Sacred 2 Video Game
Entombed – Wolverine Blues – Wolverine
ReinXeed – Temple Of The Crystal Skull – Indiana Jones
Voivoid – Batman
the Misfits – Night Of The Living Dead
Powerglove – X-men
Bonded By Blood – Theme from TMNT
Xentrix – Ghostbuster Theme
Star One – Earth That Was – Firefly
Anthrax – I am The Law – Judge Dredd
Dragonland – Neverending Story
Iron Maiden – To Tame A Land – Dune
Bal-Sagoth – The Scourge Of The Fourth Celestial War – Galactus
MOD – Dark Knight
Epica – Star Wars Theme

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