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MSRcast 126: So Forking Metal!

Welcome, my friends to an episode so delicious and full of tasty metal morsels, you need a fork to dig through it all! Join your hosts, Evil C. and Bolthorn as they break out their own utensils to tear into the mighty metal pie! Brootal! Thanks for tuning in and as always, Keep it Fucking Metal! Here is the playlist:

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In Mourning – A Vow to Conquer The Ocean
Candlemass – The Sound of Dying Demons
Soulfly – World Scum
Testament – True American Hate
Byzantine – Nadir
Arjen Anthony Lucassen – Parental Procreation Permit
Helstar – Wicked Disposition
Shadows Fall – Fire From The Sky
7 Horns 7 Eyes – Phumus The Falsehood of Affliction
Halford – Golgotha
Nokturnel – Shadows Alive
Devour The Unborn – Slaughter Morgue
Dangerous Toys – Scared
Havok – Postmortem – Raining Blood
Obscura – Flesh And The Power It Holds
The Gates of Slumber – Flight of Icarus

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