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MSRcast 124: Demoniacal Ingurgitation

Welcome to a special interview edition of MSRcast, as we sit down with the vocalist from both underground Death Metal stalwarts, Ingurgitate and Demoniacal Genuflection. We discuss all thigns metal, play some of his music, and delve into some of his favorite bands. Enjoy this in depth interview with an underground metal genius, and Keep It Metal! Here is the playlist:  

Demoniacal Genuflection – false dawn – limbsplitter 2
Ingurgitate – the one youve failed – limb splitter 2
Braced For Nails – ashes upon the golden throne – icons above all others
Ulver – england – wars of the roses
Demoniacal Genuflection – Lay Down On Your Cross limbsplitter 2
Infernal Dominion – gutted children of faith – salvation through infinite suffering
Ingurgitate – I have created – bleeding his sacred kingship
Edge Of Sanity – lost – the spectral sorrows
Doomriders – come alive – Darkness come alive
Demoniacal Genuflection – passage through the veil – the ministers of lamentation
Ingurgitate – consecration in black flames –  bleeding his sacred kingship
Grand Magus – baptized in fire – monument

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