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Metal Injection Livecast

METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #311 - There Are No Calendars In Hell w/Tommy from BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME

Posted by on June 14, 2015 at 11:59 pm

This week, we had Between The Buried and Me vocalist Tommy Rogers call in to talk about the band's new album, Coma Ecliptic, why Tommy doesn't like playing during the daytime, juggling the band and family life and how he discovered his favorite bands. Besides Tommy, we talk about LeBron's tip slip, Noa talks BBQ, the Livecast curse with Christopher Lee and we played a ton of drops.

Between The Buried and Me – Famine Wolf
Maruta – Hope Smasher
Satyricon – Mother North

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Our question of the week:

"How do you imagine each of the Livecast hosts lost their virginity?"

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