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RIP a Livecast

RIP a Livecast Mixtape 2013 – From Dime to Phil

We are off for the next two weeks, but don't you worry. 3D has compiled some of our best clips, including more recent and all-time classic clips for you to enjoy this week while we are away. Here is what you will hear:

  1. Discussing Dimebag, getting inappropriate about Seth Putnam and AIDS babies.
  2. Talking about anti-racist Tumblr blogs, racism in metal and getting a great call from an African-American metalhead, Jermaine
  3. Reading an excerpt from Dave Mustaine's autobiography
  4. Shlomo sings Angel of Death
  5. Talking about Mushroomhead's VIP weekend
  6. Sal The Jerkoff Barber
  7. Our interview with Phil Anselmo and Bruce Corbitt.

There will be another mixtape next Sunday and we'll be back in two weeks with an all new Livecast.

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