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RIP a Livecast

RIP a Livecast Mixtape #7 – Larry Mustaine's Thor Bath House Merge

RIP a Livecast Mixtape #7 – Larry Mustaine's Thor Bath House Merge

It just hit you didn't it? There is no Livecast this week! Rob and Noa are at the CMJ showcase we've been plugging all month. Sid is at another show, 3D is in Atlantic City and Sean is…um, well who knows where Sean is? But, since we weren't here, we compiled another GREAT mixtape. We noticed lately, that we have a lot of new listeners so we decided to make this mixtape a mix of clips from recent episodes and then clips from much older episodes that some of you might have missed. Ultimately, it's just non-stop comedy. Here is what you can expect from this mixtape:

– Sean discussing his prostate exams
– Larry King singing "Poker Face"
– JCVD's commercial for his off-off Broadway show, Death of a Salesman
– A reading of Dave Mustaine's autobiography by "Dave Mustaine"
– A visit from Santa Clause last Christmas
– Rob talking about his visit to a Russian bath house
– A call from MI junkie "metalfifa" requesting RED GORD MERGE
– Death or No Death III
– Thor Shredsteen and his girlfriend Antanella talking about Obamacare

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So have a laugh and come back next week for an all new RIP a Livecast!

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