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RIP a Livecast

RIP a Livecast #81 – Couscous In The Puss Puss

RIP a Livecast #81 – Couscous In The Puss Puss

This week, the RIP a Livecast was pretty epic. In the first hour, we got a phone call from a junkie stationed in Iraq, which was pretty awesome. Then, we discuss the possibility of Rob getting an OK Cupid account. After the music break, we do another reading from Dave Mustaine's autobiography. We are turned on to possibly the grossest album art ever (very NSFW), then we discuss terrible Megadeth remixes, and then end the show with not one but two really awful videos from a Brazilian tranny, the bed intruder song, It's So Cold Here In The D, and other random clips. Here is this week's playlist:

At the Gates – Captor of Sin (Slayer cover)
Thou – Don't Vote
Black Army Jacket – The End Of Dreams
System Of A Down – Revenga
Javelina – Asbestos
The_Network – Easter Just Stopped Showing Up
Fleshwrought – Inner Thoughts

BTW, here is our phone caller cue card

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