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Metal Injection Livecast


This edition sees Rob return to the show while 3D is out in Vegas and not in the studio. We begin the show with Rob venting about what went down in his absence last week, followed by a brief discussion of where exactly he was last week. Then, Jenny told a story about her neighbor writing weird letters to Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman only to receive a call from Morgan Freeman himself. We played our next great soundbite, about the Enema Man and the Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog. Jenny then tells a grandma story, which reminds us that this day was the anniversary of the death of the Notorious B.I.G., so we got Shlomo to rap some Biggie lyrics, but it didn't work out so great.

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After the break, Rob and Sid discussed spotting Andrew WK at a show the night before. The Pizza Destroyer called in and let us sample some of his standup comedy and we gave him some tips. We then played a Russian edition of Thrash It or Trash It all submitted by a junkie from St. Petersburg named Igor. We listened to music from Emily Rose, Autoscan, Maria Abort Chosen, My Autumn & The Wheels of Sorrow. We wrapped up the show by playing another Ross Gnarly user submission followed by a call from Torje in Norway.

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Metallica – Dyers Eve
Bloodbath – Devouring the Feeble
Kvelertak – Ordsmedar av Rang
Gojira – Esoteric Surgery
Goes Cube – Thunderheads

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