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RIP a Livecast

RIP a Livecast #106 – Rectal Abscess

RIP a Livecast #106 – Rectal Abscess

RIP a Livecast #106 – Rectal Abscess
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This Week's Behind The Scenes – Photo Shoot

On this Rob-Free edition of the Livecast the gang takes advantage of the opportunity to have a therapy session about him. The other special thing about this episode, beside it being Robless, is that the broad quantity was raised. We were visited by two sexy girls; Kara Pain from Sirius XM Liquid Metal and Cristina from The Jay Thomas & Alex Bennet show on Sirius XM. Also, Sean reveals a secret wish he's had since childhood, Kara talks about her Wonder Bum, we try to set Shlomo up with Cristina, brainstorm on a new app and play Thrash It or Trash It.
On Thrash It or Trash It we started off with Whistlecore, then played Bastards and I’ll Eat Your Face, and last Karma Killers.

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If you are in the NYC area come by the March Metal Beatdown presented by Horns Up Rocks and Brutal Bitches Productions. Kara Pain is hosting! The rest of us girls will be in the audience flashing her! Here is the flyer for the show:

RIP a Livecast #106 – Rectal Abscess

This show will be up shortly…

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