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RIP a Livecast

RIP a Livecast #105 – Yellers and Moshers

RIP a Livecast #105 – Yellers and Moshers

RIP a Livecast #105 – Yellers and Moshers
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This Week's Behind The Scenes – Featuring Shlomo's #1 Swedish Fan, Link

On this edition of the Livecast, Rob, Noa and Frank just came back from their trip to Sweden and we spend the whole first hour discussing what happened. There were tales of metal bars, clogged toilets, and Swedish meatballs. (BTW, stay tuned this weekend for some great Behind the Scenes footage). We also spent some time talking about Sean's birthday, and we got a call from Sean's sister who recounts an embarrassing Sean tale. Also, Sean admits to liking Phish. Very exciting stuff indeed! Here is this week's playlist:

Assuck – QED
Wormrot – Condemnation
Trash Talk – Flood
Charles Bronson – The Great Pet Rock Comeback
Mumakil – Barbecue In Bhopal
Werewolves – Boner
Pig Destroyer – Cheerleader Corpses
Aerosols – Culture Warrior
Surf Nazis Must Die – Emo Kids Blown To Shit
Khann – Himalayan Green
Birdflesh – Wigdestroyer
Trap Them – Day Three: Instant Circulation
Ceremony – Living Hell
Religious As Fuck – Plastic Death
Magrudergrind – Rejecting The Militant Promise
Career Suicide – Ruin and Wreck
Bruce Banner – Shut the Fuck Up
His Hero Is Gone – Unleash
Mind Eraser – Cheap Disguise
Heathen – IV
Curl Up and Die – 100 M.p.h. Vomit Dedicated to Jon
Kill the Client – Pressing the Flesh
Insect Warfare – Zone Killer
Total Fucking Destruction – Boxcutter
Reversal Of Man – Get the Kid With the Sideburns
HeWhoCorrupts – Linguistic Violations
Nails – Traitor
Tusk – Blood
Dropdead – Army Of Hate
Bier Slut – Pink Floyd Sucks
Cursed – Another Day
Sabertooth Zombie – Rotten
Failures – I've Done Unspeakable Things Again
Limp Wrist – Back in the Days
Napalm Death – You Suffer
Ghostlimb – Age Old
Phobia – Kill Off

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