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LORNA SHORE, BEHEMOTH, MUTILATRED & More Added To The Commute Playlist

Plus Bleed From Within, Altars, Merrow & more!

A photo of the band Lorna Shore

No matter if you're commuting to work an hour away, or commuting from your bed to the home office, we can all agree that getting up and dealing with those first groggy hours sucks. We're here to make it suck less with our ongoing playlist The Commute, which brings you all the best new metal every Monday morning.

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Welcome to this week's edition of The Commute! This week, we've added everything from the new Behemoth single "Ov My Herculean Exile" that debuted last week alongside a pretty graphic music video, the new Lorna Shore single "Sun//Eater" which is sure to kick your ass in a big way, a re-recording of a song from 2016 by Ulthar, and much more!

This week's additions include:

  1. "Ov My Herculean Exile" by Behemoth, from their upcoming album Opvs Contra Natvram due out September 16.
  2. "Perverse Entity" by Altars, from their upcoming album Ascetic Reflection due out on July 8.
  3. "Sun//Eater" by Lorna Shore, from their upcoming album Pain Remains due out sometime this October.
  4. "Palmdale Cemetery" by Merrow, from their recent album Mojave Repressions.
  5. "Flesh And Stone" by Bleed From Within, from their upcoming album Shrine due out June 3.
  6. "I" bu Ulthar, from their re-recording of their 2016 demo titled Nightgaunts MMXVI.
  7. "Das Dunkel der Welt" by Aara, from their recent album Das Dunkel der Welt.
  8. "Kanawha Black" by Nechochwen, from their recent album Kanawha Black.
  9. "Smashed By A Slab Of Concrete" by Mutilatred, from their recent album Determined To Rot.

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